Warehousing is without a doubt an integral part of supply chain management. Proper storage facilities with prompt and safe delivery of goods are needed to ensure supply matches demand.

To help facilitate the smooth functioning of this chain, we have curated a host of warehousing services that best suit your needs.

Our logistics experts always make sure they carefully study your requirements to provide you unique, innovative and economical warehousing solutions.

Whether you are a food retailer requiring cold storage facilities or a hardware manufacturer requiring spacious storages, we have warehousing services for everyone.

For those of you, who only require temporary storage facilities or small storage areas, we have multi-user warehouses. Organized to perfection, here goods of multiple customers are stored at the same place.

Our global network of warehousing agents ensures we have a storage facility for you wherever and whenever you need it. Utilizing this, we help you optimizeyour business and accelerate your reach on a global scale.

At Airlift USA Inc, we believe in the power of innovation and try to incorporate it in everything we do, including warehousing. Our storage facilities come with best-in-class equipment that allow safe and easy handling of shipments.

Using our warehousing solutions, you can also track the storage and movement of your shipment from place to place.

We deploy comprehensive inventory management technology at all warehousing locations provided by us. This facilitates detailed reporting about your stock status using which, you can monitor your supply chain needs.

To further simplify your logistical needs, we offer several value-added services as part of warehousing. In addition to cross-docking, our warehousing personnel also efficiently manage packing, re-exporting, labelling and kitting of goods.

Lastly, our warehousing solutions also come with the option of making last-mile deliveries for you. Utilizing our multimodal transport services, we make sure your goods reach their destination safely and on-time.

By co-locating these services with warehousing, we offer streamlined processes that result in ease of business and maximum cost savings for you.

  • To sum it up, here’s why you should choose us for your warehousing needs:
  •  Storage for shipments of all sizes and types
  •  Warehousing options across the globe
  •  Shipment tracking
  •  Inventory status report
  •  Value added services
  •  Last mile delivery


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