Customs Clearance

Whether you are shipping through air, land or sea, we are here to meet all your customs clearance requirements.

With our worldwide network of customs brokers, we ensure smooth sailing of your shipments across all borders.

At Airlift USA, we serve as your single-source platform for all things related to customs clearance.

Our global customs teams work hard every day to provide you efficient customs clearance services at competitive prices. Utilizing their knowledge and expertise, we provide you solutions that ensure timely deliveries without any unnecessary delays and penalties.

On the other hand, our nexus of certified customs brokers ensures all your paperwork is done on time. By procuring all the documents from you well in advance, our experts carefully review and analyse them. Once satisfied, they hand over the documents to the brokers who then file them for you. Timely submissions ensure your shipments go through the whole customs process seamlessly and eliminate the possibility of fine.

Our customs specialists also help with proper classification of your goods and tariff associated with those goods. In cases where special licenses and permits for shipping certain goods are required, our customs clearance services fetch them for you.

At Airlift USA, we believe in keeping up with changing international trade policies. This allows us to provide you with customs clearance solutions that ensure you are always in compliance.

By proactively co-ordinating with customs brokers, our customs teams facilitate timely payments of your taxes and tariff duties.

Duty drawback and assistance with auditing are also included in our customs clearance program.

Visibility is another important feature of our customs clearance services. Using our advanced technology, you can get important data about your shipments at any time.

Our aim is simple. To provide you unique solutions that simplify customs clearance for you and thus help solve your supply chain problems. All we need is for you to trust us.

  • To sum it up, here’s why you should choose our customs clearance solutions:
  •  Customs clearance for all countries
  •  Global network of certified customs brokers
  •  Efficient handling of all formalities
  •  Guaranteed cost-efficiency and compliance
  •  Visibility


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