Global Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding typically means arranging for successful import and export of your shipments.

At Airlift USA Inc, we do exactly that but with an added touch of value and personalization. Tailored to your needs, our freight forwarding solutions come with the promise of delivering consistent quality and efficiency.

You could be an exporter looking to widen your global presence or an importer trying to grow in the existing market. You may want to ship food items or pharmaceutical products or auto parts. To us, it doesn’t matter. If you need help with logistics, then we are here for you.

As a global freight forwarder, we handle all the logistics associated with international shipping. Whether it is documentation or packaging or making last-mile deliveries, we do it all.

Our worldwide network of logistics specialists works around the clock to provide you the best freight forwarding solutions across all countries. Understanding the importance of details and speed, our experts offer you freight forwarding services that assure safe and timely deliveries.

With well-established relationships with major air, ocean and land carriers globally, we offer reliable shipping along the best routes. These tie-ups also allow us to bring you the most economical freight forwarding solutions with the lowest possible transit time.

Besides all that, we also excel in dealing with international trade policies, customs formalities, paperwork etc. Utilizing their knowledge, our staff efficiently handles all the logistical procedures and provides you compliant freight forwarding solutions.

Our logistics experts also provide consultancy as part of freight forwarding. For any queries or guidance regarding changing trade regulations or legal formalities, you can come to us.

Some clients require just storage of goods, while some require pickup, storage and door-to-door delivery. Understanding that each client has unique needs, we offer flexible freight forwarding solutions to you.

Innovation is another major part of our freight forwarding solutions. We are always thinking of ways to apply technology to make processes as simple as possible. Owing to this drive to innovate, all our processes are backed by advanced technology. Moreover, we offer shipment tracking as part of our freight forwarding services.

To further simplify logistics for you, we provide several value-added services as part of global freight forwarding. These include packaging, labelling, cargo insurance, re-export etc.,

All in all, we serve as your single-source logistical services provider.

  • To sum up, here’s why you should choose our freight forwarding services:
  •  Services for shipments of all types and sizes
  •  Worldwide network of logistics agents
  •  Tie-ups with major air, ocean and land carriers globally
  •  Intermodal freight solutions
  •  Safe and on-time delivery
  •  Customized and flexible solutions
  •  Competitive pricing with the fastest and the safest routes
  •  Timely deliveries
  •  Consultancy services
  •  Documentation, customs clearance
  •  Expert handling of regulations, compliant solutions
  •  Warehousing
  •  Door-to-door deliveries
  •  Advanced IT solutions
  •  Value-added services


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