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Customer service is an important aspect of every business. The way you treat your customers can really help dictate the future of your business with those clients.

In the world of logistics too, customer service plays a very important role. Knowing how complicated logistics can get, your business needs someone who can guide you through every step. Someone who shares the same passion as you to help you achieve your goals. Someone who is committed to your success.

Our customer service is all about that.

At Airlift USA Inc, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are always striving to give you nothing but the best. That is why we are constantly thinking of innovative ways to serve you.

With changing times, the expectations and requirements of our customers also keep changing. We understand this and have modelled our customer service such that we not only meet your expectations but also exceed them.

Providing reliable support is one of the things we do as part of our customer service. A client may have several queries relating to shipment location, legal documents etc and we strive to be there to answer them all. That’s why, our customer services come with a 24x7 helpline that efficiently responds to all your queries and doubts.

For a more personalized customer service approach, we assign a dedicated logistics expert to all our clients. He/she serves as a single point of reference regarding your business with us. The expert communicates all the essential information needed to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Our logistics experts also serve as consultants and educate customers about the current trends and happenings. Using their knowledge, expertise and guidance, you can make informed decisions and get value for your money.

Providing reports is also a part of our customer service. Understanding that some clients prefer having regular updates about their shipments, inventory status etc, we provide timely reports to them.

To further make our logistics services more significant and valuable to our customers, we actively seek feedback from them. It is something we value immensely and consider it as one of the most important aspects of our customer service.

  • To sum it up, here’s how our customer services stand out:
  • Reliable support through a 24x7 customer helpline
  • A dedicated logistics expert for every client
  • Consulting services for making informed decisions
  • Timely reporting of shipments updates
  • Space to share your opinion and feedback


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