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When it comes to ocean freight, one must consider several things from shipping routes, to liners to right container sizes. Understanding how complex all this can get, we bring you ocean freight solutions that take care of everything.

As a proficient ocean freight forwarder, we handle all logistical formalities involved with shipping your cargo from port to port. Whether it’s timely submission of documents or dealing with customs officials, we do everything with extreme professionalism and sophistication.

With our global network present in over 190 countries, our ocean freight customers can ship to practically any place in the world. Moreover, our well-established industry connections across continents help make sure your shipments reach their destination without any complications.

Being a global NVOCC operator, we network with some of the Industry’s biggest and the most reliable ocean freight liners. This means, choosing our ocean freight services gives you access to the best transit lines, ensuring speedy and safe shipment delivery.

Tailored to meet all your requirements, our ocean freight solutions come with a wide variety of options. We ship all types of cargo and also provide suitable packaging that guarantees safe transport of your shipments.

In addition to FCL (full container load) and LCL (less container load) shipping, our ocean freight services also include expedited freight, with least possible transit time and optimized routes, expedited freight allows shipment delivery at air freight like speed but at significantly lower costs.

Furthermore, we specialize in providing customized services as part of our ocean freight solutions. These include options like arranging for temporary shipment storage, door delivery etc. Using advanced and modern equipment, we also execute lifting, loading, consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments at various ports efficiently.

Our experienced staff are constantly evaluating ways to provide ocean freight solutions that are simple, economical and deliver value. It’s their expertise and dedication that has positioned us to provide world-class service in all the activities we undertake.

Lastly, to maintain informational transparency, our ocean freight solutions come with an easy to use shipment tracking feature. Using this you can remain in loop throughout the shipping process.

  • Summary of our Ocean Freight Services
  •  Efficient handling of all logistical procedures
  •  Global reach
  •  Access to the fastest and most reliable transit lines
  •  Shipping solutions for cargo of all types and sizes
  •  Safe and on-time delivery
  •  FCL and LCL shipping
  •  Expedited freight
  •  Customized services
  •  Shipment tracking


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